Fixed Deposit

HSIS Fixed Deposit

HSIS Fixed Deposit scheme is the right option for those who wish to invest their money and get periodical income by way of interest. HSIS Fixed Deposit offer greater returns on the principal invested when compared to the returns generated from a regular savings account.

Features of HSIS Fixed Deposit

FD investors can look forward to the following benefits from their investments.

  • Assured returns – Unlike most other investment schemes, FDs offer guaranteed returns on the deposited sum.
  • An additional source of income – The investor can select the frequency of interest payout for non-cumulative fixed deposit plans. Therefore, they can act as an added source of income.
  •  Nominee Facility: HSIS Provide nomination facility. In case of death of a depositor, the company will repay to nominee
  •  Higher interest Rate: HSIS Fixed Deposit Higher interest rate from the market.
  •  Loan Facility: Loan Facility is available against deposits up to 90% of deposited amount

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is mandatory to become a member in the company.
  2. Fixed Deposit account can be opened with minimum Rs. 10,000 /-.
  3. TDS Deduction will be asper and income tax Act.
  4. Premature facility not be available 3 months after opening of account as per Nidhi Rules.
  5. In case of death of a depositor, the company will repay to nominee or legal hares the principle & interest according to scheme tenure.
  6. In case of any dispute in this scheme, the decision of the company management will be final and valid.